Octax laser and imaging systems

Octax laser and imaging systems
      • Ensuring efficiency, safety and outstanding reliability
        Octax laser and imaging systems are modular and easy-to-use tools that offer maximised functionality for all laser applications in IVF.  For more than 20 years, our systems have been appreciated by IVF-professionals worldwide for improving workflow efficiency and delivering high safety, outstanding reliability and image quality.  
      • Modular laser systems for all applications in IVF
        Vitrolife is now proud to offer modular, high quality lasers to suit your needs. The static Octax LaserShot and the dynamic Octax NaviLase are both calibration free and no pilot laser is needed. Both lasers can be used for all laser applications within IVF, including assisted hatching, blastomere, polar body, and trophectoderm biopsy and also blastocyst collapsing prior to vitrification.  
      • Safe since the start
        Octax lasers have a long history in IVF. Pioneering and extensive research in the mid-1990s resulted in the 1.48 µm Octax laser becoming the worldwide standard for all lasers used in IVF. A multitude of pre-clinical and clinical studies have proven the safety of Octax lasers. With tens of thousands of children born after laser treatment and with no adverse effects, you can be sure your gametes and embryos are safe during laser procedures performed using Octax lasers.