Vitrolife Labware

Vitrolife Labware
      • Why you should only use IVF certified plastics
        The success of an IVF treatment depends on numerous factors. The patients and the causes of their infertility, the hormone stimulation regimen, culture media, quality and maintenance of equipment and skills of staff are all factors that will influence the outcome. One important factor that can have a detrimental impact on the IVF treatment outcome, but is sometimes overlooked, is the quality of the plastic equipment. Read more in this blog post.  
      • Designed for you
        Vitrolife Labware is designed to support you throughout the IVF workflow with products developed for each procedure.The improved design makes your way of working efficient and more reliable.
      • Pure control
        As with all products from Vitrolife, our new range of labware is extensively tested and ready-to-use. We have strict selection criteria. Only the very purest raw materials that pass the sensitive MEA are selected for production. Multiple QC tests are performed both during the production process and on the final products.
      • Thoroughly tested
        All finished products are tested using a MEA using multiple endpoints, including 1-cell, expanded blastocysts on day 5 ≥ 80% and cell count. Products for handling semen are also tested using a Human Sperm Survival Assay (HSSA), motility  ≥ 70%.
      • Safe environment from aspiration to transfer
        Vitrolife Labware gives you the possibility to use a high quality, extensively tested environment for your gametes and embryos through all the steps of an IVF procedure.
      • Meeting regulatory requirements
        The complete product line of Vitrolife Labware is CE-marked exclusively for IVF, which means that they are tested and compliant for use in IVF procedures. 
      • Clinical evaluation and user experiences
        A customer evaluation of Vitrolife Labware dishes showed them to be safe and support treatment success when used for clinical IVF.