• Vitrification increasingly important
        The use of high quality embryo culture media results in high numbers of viable embryos. This in combination with single embryo transfer policies make cryopreservation of surplus embryos increasingly important.
      • Fast method with high survival rates
        Vitrification is a technique for cryopreservation of both gametes and embryos. The definition of vitrification is “ instant solidification of a solution brought about by an extreme elevation in viscosity during cooling without ice crystal formation”. Vitrification is a fast cryopreservation method with high survival rates, due to low risks of damages to the cells from ice crystal formation.
      • Hyaluronan increases survival rates
        RapidVit™ and RapidWarm™ solutions are developed to support viability during the dehydration and rehydration steps. To maintain viability of gametes and embryos the solutions should be used at +37°C. The solutions also contain amino acids and MOPS buffer. Hyaluronan is a physiological molecule known to increase cryosurvivability.1,2 and is included in RapidVit/Warm. 1.2-propanediol and ethylene glycol are used as permeating cryoprotectants. RapidVit and RapidWarm are available for all cell stages.

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