Dr. Yoshida is the founder and president of Kiba Park Clinic, a large IVF-clinic in Tokyo, Japan. The clinic has recently started to use the Primo Vision Time-Lapse Embryo Monitoring System for assessment of embryos during IVF-treatment.

 – We perform single embryo transfer for most of our patients. It is really important that we can identify and transfer the most viable embryo. Among embryo selection methods, there are invasive methods, like PGD and PGS, and none invasive methods, such as time-lapse. I strongly believe that time-lapse technology will help us to improve embryo selection even more.

We currently use Primo Vision for patients with many oocytes or for repeated failure patients. In the future we see the benefits of using Primo Vision for all patients. We feel that we are just in the start of what we can achieve using Primo Vision, says Dr. Yoshida.