Dr. Yoshimasa Asada is the owner of the Asada Ladies Clinics in the Chubu Region of Japan. The two clinics employs around 120 staff members and last year more than 3000 oocyte retrievals were performed. The Sense needle is used for patients with multiple follicles that have undergone controlled ovarian stimulation.

Superb needle for oocyte retrieval

-Compared to conventional needles, the Sense needle is a superb needle that can reduce pain for patients as well as shorten anesthesia time and time needed for us medical practitioners to perform oocyte retrieval, says Dr. Asada. This allows us to complete oocyte retrieval with less stress and more comfort.

Clinical study showed quick aspiration and high success rate using the Sense needle

In a study, the Sense needle was compared to a conventional needle at a pressure of 110 mmHg. Results showed that there were no clear differences in oocyte quality, blastocyst formation rate, and other embryonic outcomes.

The Sense needle group had a slightly higher pregnancy rate, which however was not a statistically significant difference. Besides, oocyte retrieval was much quicker and the success rate of oocyte retrieval was higher with the Sense needle.

-In short, this study showed that the biggest characteristic or advantage of the Sense needle was that it allowed quicker and safer oocyte retrieval without compromising oocyte quality as compared with conventional methods, says Dr. Asada.