Denudation Pipettes

When precision, choice and control are essential.

Description Pipette with a straight and smooth tip.

Purpose For removal of cumulus cell layers.

Application For use with a pipette holder and silicone rubber bulb.

Storage Store in room temperature.

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14301 Denudation Pipette
  • Total length (mm): 75-85
  • Outer diameter (µm): 134-145
14302 Denudation Pipette
  • Total length (mm): 75-85
  • Outer diameter (µm): 130-133
14305 Denudation Pipette
  • Total length (mm): 75-85
  • Outer diameter (µm): 156-190
14306 Denudation Pipette
  • Total length (mm): 75-85
  • Outer diameter (µm): 127-129
14313 Denudation Pipette
  • Total length (mm): 75-85
  • Outer diameter (µm): 146-155
14390 Denudation Pipette
  • Total length (mm): 75-85
  • Outer diameter (µm): 122-124

Minimising risk of oocyte damage

To minimise the risk of oocyte damage during handling we provide a wide selection of pipettes with smooth edges and varying inner diameters. Each size is perfectly adapted to your operation. The pipettes are preferably used with our unique pipette holder that is designed for maximum precision and ease of handling.

The pipettes come with a specially designed sterile silicone bulb. The bulb has a volume of less than 75% of the total volume of the pipette, to eliminate the risk of oocyte trapping.

When precision, choice and control are essential

Precision pipettes for
better control

Our comprehensive range of pipettes give you optimal control in micro-
manipulation. The pipettes are manufactured with quality assured materials that are MEA and endotoxin (LAL) tested.

100% control

All stages of production are controlled, from the raw materials to the final product. Every single pipette is checked for dimensions to minimise LOT-to-LOT variation. This allows you to use our pipettes in the most standardised way.

Sensitive MEA-test

Our pipettes are tested with the industry leading Vitrolife 1-cell MEA test. Using the best toxicity test for gametes, this secures that all pipettes from Vitrolife are safe in every procedure.

Heat polished base

Our pipettes are made of borosilicate glass that helps prevent the risk of oil clogging the inner surface. All Vitrolife pipettes have heat polished bases to ensure longevity of seals in your pipette holder.

Thorough quality control

The visual controls performed guarantee the mechanical integrity of each single pipette before release. This means that all pipettes meet the specified tolerances and that they are cleared being free from glass fragments and other residues.

Individual packaging

Each pipette remains sterile until package is unsealed - guaranteed sterility.

Everything you need

We provide the products you need for each pipette and micromanipulation procedure in the IVF treatment. Designed and tested together to improve efficiency and streamline your workflow.

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