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Stock Exchange listing

Vitrolife is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm  Large Cap list. The share has been listed since June 26, 2001.

ISIN-code: SE0011205202
Ticker: VITR
Trading lot: 1 share

Analyst coverage

The following external analysts continuously publish reports on Vitrolife.

ABG Sundal Collier                Erik Cassel
Vitrolife reports                       E-mail:

DNB Bank ASA                       Patrik Ling
Website                                   E-mail:

Murgata Equity Research        Björn Olander                
Vitrolife reports                        E-mail:     

Redeye                                    Johan Unnérus
Vitrolife reports                        E-mail: 

Carnegie                                  Ulrik Trattner
Website                                    E-mail:

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