Automated freezing system and accessories

Automated freezing system and consumables for
freezing procedures.

Storage Store in room temperature.

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16400 / 2104 CTE2200 controlled rate freezer
  • Description: For parallel freezing of large numbers of pronuclear stages or embryos.
16400 / 2110 CTE logger
  • Description: Software for paperless documentation of freezing procedures, produces a graph in PDF format.
16400 / 1014 Additional holder for 12 CTE embryo or sperm straws
16400 / 1015 Additional holder for 5 cryo vials
16400 / 4004 Replacement sensor for CTE2201
  • Description: Pt100 temperature, three-pole.
16400 / 5048 Thermo paper for CTE2200
  • Description: For printed documentation of freezing procedures.
5 rolls
19044 / 9210 CTE Cryo straws for embryos
  • Description: 0.3 ml, sterile, 66.5 mm with plug.
19044 / 9010 CTE Cryo straws for sperm
  • Description: 0.3 ml, sterile, 66.5 mm without plug.

Automated freezing system

The automated freezing system is used for parallel freezing of large numbers of pronuclear stages or embryos. The system offers high standard for sperm as well as testicular and ovarian tissue and saves both time and amounts of liquid nitrogen.

The system comes with two types of fully sealed CTE security straws and includes: 

  • Control unit with integrated printer
  • A motor unit with linear actuator
  • Bail with bracket for reference straw
  • Pt100 temperature sensor for reference straw (1 pcs.)
  • A set of three straw holders (36 straws max. capacity)
  • An open dewar with perspex protective cover

Features and Advantages

  • Highest accuracy: temperature sensor located inside a reference straw
  • Fully automatic and reliable seeding due to special security straws
  • Ultra-low nitrogen consumption: approx. 1.5 litres per freezing procedure
  • Ultra-silent operation
  • Flexible: up to nine configurable freezing programs
  • Integrated printer
  • Compact design and no wear parts
  • Self-explanatory user menu and easy programming
  • Semi-automatic auto-zero calibration


  • Power consumption: 115 / 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 50 VA
  • Liquid nitrogen consumption: approx. 0.2 litres / hour
  • Cooling rates: 0.1 – 20°C/min
  • Thermal accuracy: < 0.1°C for cooling rates up to 5°C / min
  • Static holding time: 1 to 99 min
  • Dimensions: controller 360 x 275 x 140 mm (WxDxH); motor unit (column): diameter 85 mm, height 450 mm; max. height (bail in top position): 900 mm; dewar: diameter 210 mm, height 350 mm
  • Total weight: 10.5 kg

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