RapidVit™ & RapidWarm™ Omni

Time-efficient, easy and successful vitrification for all cell stages.

Description MOPS buffered media containing cryoprotectants and human serum albumin.

Purpose For vitrification and warming for all cell stages.

Application For use in sequence after equilibration at +37°C and ambient atmosphere.

Storage Store dark at +2 to +8°C.

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10123 RapidVit™ Omni
  • Purpose: Media for vitrification of oocytes through to blastocyst stage embryos.
  • Disclaimer: This product is not cleared for sale in US. 
3 x 5 mL
10124 RapidWarm™ Omni
  • Purpose: Media for warming of vitrified oocytes through to blastocyst stage embryos.
  • Disclaimer: This product is not cleared for sale in US. 
4 x 5 mL

Easy to use – for all cell stages

RapidVit and RapidWarm Omni have been developed for vitrification and warming of all cell stages, from the oocyte through to the blastocyst stage, and using the same media with cell-specific timings.

Both vitrification and warming are performed at physiological temperature (37°C). This helps to maintain the spindle integrity and viability of oocytes and embryos.

Working at physiological temperatures shortens the vitrification time and minimises exposure of embryos to cryoprotectants and their potential toxic effects.

Which temperature is optimal for vitrification and why?

Here is a summary of five studies that discuss the optimal temperature for vitrification. Download the summary to learn why all studies show that 37⁰C is the optimal temperature in order to not make damage to the spindle and to achieve good results. 

Download summary

Time-efficient protocols

Protocols for RapidVit and RapidWarm Omni use large volumes of media. This improves success compared with methods using microdroplets by prolonging stable conditions, such as osmolality and temperature.

Using RapidVit and RapidWarm Omni will save you time in every procedure. The graphs here compare the maximum times needed to vitrify using different brands.

How to save time and secure good results in vitrification

Watch this recorded webinar where Dr. Ann-Helene Jakobsson presents the methodology, results as well as practical tips & tricks for vitrification using our Rapid-i Vitrification System.

Watch webinar

Important factors for
successful vitrification

Download the white paper "How to be successful with vitrification" and learn more about factors influencing high survival rates in vitrification and warming.

Download white paper

How to use this product

RapidVit™ & RapidWarm™ Omni

Short protocols

Short protocol - RapidVit and RapidWarm Omni

RapidVit™ & RapidWarm™ Omni

Package inserts

Package insert RapidVit Omni

RapidVit™ & RapidWarm™ Omni

Package inserts

Package insert RapidWarm Omni

Additional documents

RapidVit™ & RapidWarm™ Omni

Product manuals

Manual Cryopreservation

RapidVit™ & RapidWarm™ Omni

Scientific summaries

A newly developed universal warming kit can be used to warm embryos

The aim of this study was to verify the compatibility of a new universal warming kit (RapidWarm Omni) designed to be utilised for all developmental stages with existing vitrification kits. The results confirm that independent from the developmental stage, embryos previously vitrified using stage-specific vitrification kits can be warmed successfully and have the same developmental potential when using RapidWarm Omni for warming.

RapidVit™ & RapidWarm™ Omni

Safety data sheets (SDS)

SDS RapidVit Omni

Safety data sheet for RapidVit Omni

RapidVit™ & RapidWarm™ Omni

Safety data sheets (SDS)

SDS RapidWarm Omni

Safety data sheet for RapidWarm Omni

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