Working at Vitrolife

Vitrolife’s head office is in Gothenburg and the company’s Swedish business is run from there. Vitrolife has production in Gothenburg, but also in Denver and San Diego (USA), in Bruckberg (Germany) and in Aarhus (Denmark). There are local offices in Australia, Belgium, France, Italy, Japan, China and the UK.

Vitrolife’s organisation consists of four business units (Media, Disposable Devices, Time-lapse and ART Equipment) and their products are sold by four geographic market regions (EMEA, North and South America, Japan & Pacific and China). Furthermore, there are joint corporate support functions such as HR, Research and Development, Finance and IT. In addition to this, there are competence skills groups that support the business in a cross-functional manner.

What is it really like to work at Vitrolife? Meet Vitrolife staff from all over the world and take part of their stories.



Logistics, Denver, USA


Regional Marketing Japan & Pacific, Tokyo, Japan



Site Manager, San Diego, USA


Data Mining, Aarhus, Denmark


Customer Support, Bruckberg, Germany


Research, Gothenburg, Sweden