Welcome to vitrolife at ASPIRE 2021



Welcome to join Vitrolife Symposium

"Breaking new ground in embryo evaluation; unlocking the toolbox" 

When: Sunday, 9 May 2021.

Time: At 04:15 pm -05:30 pm (GMT+8). ​

As a part of the scientific program at ASPIRE, Vitrolife is honored to welcome you to a session about the future in embryo evaluation. The program includes:

  • Past, Present and Future of Time Lapse in Clinical IVF, Professor Markus Montag
  • Making Time Lapse embryo culture standard of care at our clinic; the advent of iDAScore for Embryo evaluation, Professor Satoshi Ueno
  • Advances in Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy for Embryo Selection, Dr. Kathryn Gebhardt


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Vitrolife at aspire 2021

Explore Vitrolife’s virtual booth at ASPIRE. Learn more about the benefits of artificial intelligence in IVF, our new products, webinars and attend Vitrolife’s Symposium “Breaking new ground in embryo evaluation; unlocking the toolbox”.

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iDASCORE - Empower your decisions

Intelligent Data Analysis for embryo evaluation

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OVOIL HEAVY is a high viscosity oil offering potential for improved handling and embryo viability.

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Advanced sensor for monitoring of cryo-storage. B:safe secures safety by dynamically measuring the filing level and evaporation rate and a surface temperature sensor detecting sudden vacuum loss.

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