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The 35th Annual Meeting of ESHRE is taking place in Vienna, Austria 23-26 June 2019. We look forward to welcoming you to Vitrolife's booth at ESHRE where we will show you how working with us can help you maximise success every step of the way.

Vitrolife Scientific Symposium

Meeting patient needs: Shortening the time to a healthy live birth

We were very pleased to invite you to our symposium at ESHRE that took place Monday June 24, 14,50-15.50. You now have the opportunity to watch the recorded symposium.

Watch symposium

The future of embryo selection with time-lapse AI algorithms

Dr. Aengus Tran, MD, Harrison.AI (Sydney, Australia)

Preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy for embryo selection

Prof. Alan Handyside, Scientific Advisor, Vitrolife (Brighton, UK)

Optimising transfer outcome with the use of EmbryoGlue

Prof. David K. Gardner, FAA, University of Melbourne, Scientific Director, Melbourne IVF (Australia)

Join us in the booth for exciting presentations

This year we are also pleased to invite you to exciting and interesting presentations in our booth during all breaks. 

Monday June 24

  • 09:30 - 10:00: 'Comparison of two different oocyte vitrification methods: a prospective, paired study on the same genetic background and stimulation protocol' with Aïda Pujol Masana, PhD, deputy director of CIRH laboratories (Eugin group) 
  • 13:00 - 13:30: 'Improving the patient experience of egg collection' with Dr Jonathan Skull, Consultant in Reproductive Medicine & Surgery and Clinical Head of Assisted Conception at Jessop Fertility
    Sheffield, UK
  • 16:30 - 17:00: ‘Live Embryo Biopsy with NaviLase’ with Victoria Sanchez

Tuesday June 25

  • 09:30 - 10:00: ‘Live Embryo Biopsy with NaviLase’ with Victoria Sanchez
  • 13:00 - 13:30: ‘Initial experiences with an innovative fine gauge oocyte collection needle’ with Dr Michael Rimington, London Women’s Clinic, UK
  • 16:30 - 17:00: ‘Optimising transfer outcome with the use of EmbryoGlue’ with Prof. David Gardner, University of Melbourne, Scientific Director, Melbourne IVF, Australia

Wednesday June 26

  • 09:30 - 10:00: 'Preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy for embryo selection’ with Prof. Alan Handyside, Scientific Advisor

Hands-on vitrification

We will perform personal hands-on demonstrations of Rapid-i vitrification system and RapidVit & RapidWarm Omni vitrification media for all cell stages. 

Book your slot by sending an email with your preferred day and time to

Live embryo biopsy

We are also pleased to welcome you to our live embryo biopsy sessions in our booth. 

Monday June 24 in the afternoon break at 16:30 - 17:00
Tuesday June 25 in the morning break at 09:30 - 10:00

Stop by anytime to speak to our biopsy experts. 

Introducing new products

Join us in our booth to learn more about exciting new products within everything from embryo culture to time-lapse to embryo transfer and artificial intelligence for embryo selection.

Coming soon: EmbryoScope Flex

EmbryoScope Flex offers increased flexibility with the possibility of simultaneously acquiring time-lapse videos from up to 24 patients with up to 6 embryos each. This makes it ideal for clinics wishing to utilise time-lapse in mild stimulation cycles and for natural low responder patients.

Learn more

EmbryoGlue – new size for added convenience and safety

EmbryoGlue, the most documented implantation promoting transfer medium just got more convenient to use. The new 5 x 1.5 ml kit is tailored for 5 patients using 1 vial each.

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Guided Annotation with AI – balance control and efficiency

Based on artificial intelligence, Guided Annotation provides a perfect balance of control, accuracy and efficiency, ensuring fast, precise and consistent analysis of embryo development based on your needs for information before embryo selection.

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Japan A-PART symposium: 'A New Era of embryo evaluation system'

Please join us at the A-PART* and Vitrolife symposium 'A New Era of embryo evaluation system' Tuesday June 25th, 15.10-16.10 in the Product Theatre. 

We look forward to welcoming you to these three talks chaired by Dr. Hiroaki Yoshida:

  • 'Introduction to Japan A-PART', Dr. Hiroaki Yoshida, Sendai ART Clinic, Japan
  • 'The future of embryo evaluation: where is time-lapse and AI taking us?', Dr. Niels Ramsing, Vitrolife A/S, Denmark
  • 'Re-consider the correlation between aneuploidy and embryo morphological and morphokinetic evaluation', Dr. Keiichi Kato, Kato Ladies Clinic, Japan


*Association of Private Reproductive Technology clinics

Preimplantation Genetic Testing

VeriSEQ PGS Solution, fully kitted solution for PGT-A, improving IVF outcomes. The VeriSeq PGS Solution uses next generation sequencing (NGS) on the Illumina MiSeq System to screen all 24 chromosomes for aneuploidy in a single assay. More than 90% of the world’s sequencing data is generated by Illumina sequencing by synthesis (SBS) chemistry.

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Coming soon: CulturePro incubator

CulturePro is a PROfessional high-end benchtop culture incubator with

  • Superior embryo culture
  • Excellent traceability
  • High capacity per benchspace, 15 patient culture dishes with up to 16 embryos per dish.
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Individually packed gel & new Vacuum Pump Tubings

Vitrolife new sterile ultrasound transmission gel is the ultimate combination of safety, performance and convenience. We also have new vacuum pump tubings, to suit your choice of pump.

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Introducing genomics to the IVF journey with Vitrolife

Stop by our booth to learn more about our solutions for PGT-A and PGT-M.

The G-Series - now in motion

Experience the G-Series at ESHRE 2019 in a 3D embryo hologram display combined with interactive media products - showing embryo development all the way from the cumulus complex stage through ICSI followed by development from PN appearance to hatching blastocyst - and how the G-Series supports the most optimal embryo development. 

Vitrolife acquires AI technology for embryo assessment

Vitrolife has entered into transfer and collaboration agreements regarding a technology for assessing embryos with Virtus Health and Harrison.AI, a technology company specialising in the development of AI software in healthcare applications. Using time-lapse videos during in vitro fertilisation (IVF), and before embryo transfer, the technology can predict the likelihood of an embryo to lead to a viable pregnancy. The AI technology will support elective single embryo transfer and is anticipated to shorten the time to pregnancy by helping Fertility & IVF practitioners to rank the most viable embryos for selection and transfer.

Learn more at our scientific symposium at ESHRE.

Download our Selection of Abstracts presented at ESHRE 2019

As previous years we have collected a selection of abstracts using Vitrolife products that will be presented at this year's congress in Vienna. 

There are several interesting abstracts, including O-168 M.F. Kragh et al which we would like to especially recommend.

Mikkel Fly Kragh, Industrial Postdoc at Vitrolife A/S, Denmark, and Aarhus University, Denmark, will present his oral abstract 'Automatic morphological grading of human blastocysts with time-lapse imaging and artificial intelligence' Tuesday June 25 at 15:15-15:30 in the Mozart room. 

Download Selection of Abstracts

25 years of making a difference

At Vitrolife, we all work to achieve the same goal, whatever our role – to help couples fulfil the dream of having a baby. This is the 25th year in the history of Vitrolife where we continue our journey towards making those dreams come true.

We are excited for what the future holds and our commitment to increase pregnancy rates has never been more dedicated.

Join us at ESHRE where we will also celebrate our 25 years anniversary. 


We provide what you need to secure improved results throughout the IVF journey.