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On this dedicated ASRM 2020 page we have gathered information about our scientific symposium at ASRM, information about our new and coming products, provide the opportunity to sign up for this year’s abstract book and much more.


Vitrolife scientific symposium

Our scientific online symposium "Reducing stress for embryos and embryologists: Time-lapse, AI and antioxidants working together" at ASRM, was presented by Prof. David Gardner FAA.

Prof. Gardner talked about improving culture media with antioxidants and how purpose designed time-lapse incubators for human embryo culture permit almost constant visualisation of the embryo, which allows minimal disturbance and aids workflow efficiency gains. Additionally, morphokinetics and now artificial intelligence provide more objective tools to support embryo selection.


iDAScore® - Intelligent Data Analysis for embryo evaluation

Developed by our own AI team, based on time-lapse sequences of more than a hundred thousand developing embryos, iDAScore® is a tool developed with the power of artificial intelligence. It automatically assesses each embryo for likelihood of implantation, ensuring objective and consistent results. For your clinic, that means improved clinical outcomes and more efficient use of resources.

'The future of AI methods to automate embryo evaluation'

Watch this recorded webinar, where Dr. Mikkel Fly Kragh presents new developments based on time-lapse and artificial intelligence.

'iDAScore – development of robust AI based embryo evaluation'

Jens Rimestad, Deep Learning Specialist at Vitrolife, presents development and validation of a new AI-based tool, which is designed to automate embryo evaluation and provide scores to reflect their implantation potential. This presentation was a part of our scientific symposium 'AI based embryo evaluation: Empower your decisions' at ESHRE 2020.

iDAScore® - the future of AI-based embryo evaluation

Are you interested in learning more about how artificial intelligence can be used in IVF? Read this blog post by Dr. Tine Qvistgaard Kajhøj where she takes you through the evolution of Vitrolife’s AI-based tools for IVF. 

Read blog post

News in USA

Vitrolife Labware – for improved embryo culture conditions

Vitrolife Labware is created and dedicated for use in IVF, enabling a safe environment for your IVF procedures. An extended assortment of Vitrolife Labware, dishes and tubes, is now available in the USA.

Learn more about Vitrolife Labware

Octax Laser and Imaging systems 

Efficient, safe and trusted for all laser applications in IVF. Octax laser systems combine sophisticated hardware and software components of versatile functionality to meet the needs of today’s IVF clinics. For more than 20 years, it has been trusted by IVF professionals worldwide.

Contact your USA Vitrolife rep for more info



EmbryoScope 8 - optimal capacity to suit your clinics need

EmbryoScope 8 time-lapse system is designed to meet the needs of smaller clinics who want to enjoy the same great benefits of the EmbryoScope+ family of time-lapse systems.

Learn more about EmbryoScope 8

EmbryoScope Flex - offer time-lapse as a standard of care to more patients

EmbryoScope Flex offers increased flexibility with the possibility of simultaneously acquiring time-lapse videos from up to 24 patients with up to 6 embryos each. This makes it ideal for clinics wishing to utilise time-lapse in mild stimulation cycles and for natural low responder patients.

Learn more about EmbryoScope Flex

Ensure consistent assessment of embryos with Guided Annotation

Developed using Artificial Intelligence, Guided Annotation provides a consistent and streamlined embryo annotation workflow to acquire the necessary information required for embryo selection

Learn more about our Evaluation tools

CulturePro incubator - ease your workflow and ensure peace of mind

CulturePro is a PROfessional high-end benchtop culture incubator with:

  • Superior embryo culture
  • Excellent traceability
  • High capacity per benchspace, 15 patient culture dishes with up to 16 embryos per dish.


Learn more about CulturePro

EmbryoGlue® – new size for added convenience and safety

EmbryoGlue, the most documented implantation promoting transfer medium just got more convenient to use. The new 5 x 1.5 ml kit is tailored for 5 patients using 1 vial each.

Learn more about EmbryoGlue

Universal Sensor for Embryo Culture

Make incubator monitoring simple with all measurements in one sensor. Our new sensor for Log&Guard is the world's first and unique of its kind. The Universal Sensor for Embryo Culture lets you monitor critical parameters for embryo culture (temperature, CO2 and relative humidity) with just one device. Comprehensive embryo culture monitoring has never been easier!

Learn more about our sensor

Sense Double Lumen

Sense Double Lumen is a needle that makes double sense – patient-friendly and easier to flush. It is based on the tried and trusted Sense Single Lumen needle, which features a reduced tip and a larger body for optimal precision and retrieval time. The new Sense Double Lumen gives you the same reduced tip and larger body, while also adding the possibility of easy flushing of the follicles during oocyte pick-up.

Download Sense Double Lumen flyer


B:safe - a 24/7 monitoring trolley for liquid nitrogen storage tanks

With our coming sensor, B:safe, you get detailed and traceable data on every single storage tank and instant alerts in case of any problems. B:safe is to be combined with a Log&Guard controller and is safety at its best for monitoring storage of cryopreserved oocytes, sperm and embryos.

Introducing new additions to the Labware family

Vitrolife introduces the new Sample Tube 5 mL and Sperm Collection Container. Thanks to this, we can soon offer the first complete assortment of labware dedicated for use in IVF.

Note: All products presented might not be available in all markets. Contact your local Vitrolife representative for more information about availability in your market. For the US market, iDAScore®, EmbryoScope 8, EmbryoScope Flex and CulturePro have not received FDA 510(k) clearance.

Explore our products by taking
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We are excited to invite you to take a virtual tour, where you can explore our products in a fun and interactive way! Try it out and click around for more information.

Note: All products presented in the virtual tour might not be available or approved in all markets. Contact your local Vitrolife representative for more information about availability in your market.


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Which time-lapse system is right for you?

Used alone or in combination, our range of time-lapse incubators gives you the opportunity to offer more patients the benefits of time-lapse. Whether you are a clinic starting out, or are a busy clinic treating many patients we have a system that is right for you.

Download this guide that will help you choose which time-lapse system to implement in your IVF laboratory.

Download guide of time-lapse systems

Download our selection of abstracts presented at ASRM 2020

As previous years we have selected abstracts of interest using Vitrolife products that will be presented at this year's ASRM virtual meeting. 

We would especially like to highlight the oral presentation O-181 J. Berntsen et al. "Opening the black box: Relation between AI predicted embryo implantation and traditional morphokinetic and morphological annotations" presented by Jørgen Berntsen, Data Science Manager, Vitrolife.

Download selection of abstracts

EmbryoGlue – the most documented implantation promoting medium

EmbryoGlue is an implantation promoting medium for increased take-home baby rate, developed exclusively for embryo transfer.

Since the introduction of EmbryoGlue in 2003, several studies have been published regarding its effect. In this comprehensive booklet, Dr Ann-Helene Jakobsson has summarised a significant number of studies, looking at the benefit of EmbryoGlue when used for different patient groups.

Download ‘EmbryoGlue- summaries of selected studies'

Vitrolife Academy webinars

Take the opportunity and choose among a great variety of webinars, all aiming to support you in improving and deepening your IVF knowledge. Watch a recorded webinar at your convenience.


Watch our webinars

Vitrolife Academy Online

Online education by Vitrolife taken to a new level! Discover Academy Online, a series of online training courses - a complement to our other courses and workshops. Find out more about the offer and request an account to try the first available online courses.

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