Our story

Vitrolife is committed to supporting successful treatment outcomes, through a focus on IVF and the needs of clinics and testing labs. We’ve been dedicated to IVF since 1994, when the field was still young.

The possibility to help people become parents through assisted reproduction became a reality in the 1960s, following the development of a method for fertilizing eggs outside of the body. The birth of Louise Brown in 1978, the first baby born as a result of in vitro fertilization (IVF), gave new hope to men and women suffering from infertility.

Vitrolife was one of the first companies to provide IVF laboratories with high-quality, ready-to-use culture media. Today, our portfolio includes product solutions ranging from oocyte retrieval all the way to embryo transfer and cryopreservation.

Today, we support customers worldwide - always with sustainability in mind. In 2021, Vitrolife acquired Igenomix which is a leader in reproductive genetic testing services for IVF clinics, founded in 2011.

Together we create a global leader in reproductive health and by combining Igenomix’s portfolio of reproductive genetic testing services with Vitrolife’s best-in-class IVF device portfolio, we will be able to better support clinics and patients across the fertility journey.

Demand is growing for innovative methods for embryo evaluation and selection. Vitrolife offers time-lapse systems and software, as well as leading product solutions for preimplantation genetic testing. These solutions help clinics to evaluate and select the most viable embryos, and improve IVF outcomes.

Vitrolife is committed to supporting successful treatment outcomes. We aim to deliver outstanding products for the entire IVF journey, providing consistent performance and guaranteed quality. Quality that makes a difference. – In fact, our quality control program has been a leading industry standard for more than 20 years and remains a cornerstone of our business.

Vitrolife’s vision is to fulfil the dream of having a baby, and we achieve this by supporting our customers in delivering successful treatment outcomes. We’re your committed partner for the IVF journey. We can help you maximise success. – Together. All the way.

The Vitrolife share is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, Nordic Large Cap.




  • Launch of iDAScore, an embryo evaluation algorithm that automatically assess each embryo for likelihood of implantation.
  • Launch of Ovoil Heavy; a high viscosity oil offering potential for improved handling and embryo viability.
  • Launch of B:Safe, smart sensor for monitoring of fridges, freezers and cryo storage.
  • Vitrolife acquires Igenomix which is a leader in reproductive genetic testing services for IVF clinics.


  • Launch of additional Time-Lapse systems: EmbryosScope Flex and EmbryoScope 8.

  • Launch of Sense Double Lumen, for optimal oocyte retrieval performance and ability to improve patient comfort.


  • Vitrolife aquires the business of UK distributor Parallabs Ltd.
  • Vitrolife aquires artificial intelligence technology for embryo assessment.
  • Launch of EmbryoGlue Patient pack, offering new single use packaging to an already superior product.
  • Launch of Culture Pro, an incubator for superior embryo culture, traceability and capacity.


    • Vitrolife becomes exclusive distributor to Illumina's preimplantation genetic testing business for IVF in EMEA and Americas.

    • Partnership with GE Healthcare to improve assisted reproductive technology offerings.


  • Launch of RapidVit™ Omni and RapidWarm™ Omni for vitrification and warming of oocytes through to blastocyst stage embryos.


  • Launch of EmbryoScope+ time-lapse incubator, for undisturbed culture and improved selection of embryos.

  • Acquisition of OCTAX Microscience GmbH and MTG Medical Technology Vertriebs-GmbH, jointly holding a world-leading position in laser technology for IVF.


  • Launch of RapidVit™ Oocyte and RapidWarm™ Oocyte for oocyte vitrification.

  • Launch of the Time-lapse by Vitrolife concept. Complete time-lapse systems - from optimised culture medium to fully integrated bench-top incubators.


  • Launch of G-TL™ – the first culture medium specially designed for time-lapse.

  • Acquisition of Unisense FertiliTech A/S, the market leader within the field of time-lapse for IVF, with the product EmbryoScope® time-lapse system.


  • Launch of Vitrolife Labware – exclusively plastic consumables certified for human IVF.


  • Acquisition of Cryo Management Ltd, one of the world's leading players within time-lapse for IVF, developer of Primo Vision™ time-lapse embryo monitoring system.

  • Launch of SpermGrad™ kits, ready-to-use.


  • First company in China to receive regulatory approval for an entire IVF culture media portfolio.

  • Launch of SpermFreeze Solution™ for cryopreservation of sperm.


  • Launch of Rapid-i™ Vitrification System.

  • Acquisition of the business in Conception Technologies, USA, which broadened the IVF product portfolio with an extensive line of micropipettes.


  • New market organisation established in Beijing, China and in Tokyo, Japan.


  • Launch of Sense™, a unique oocyte aspiration needle.


  • Launch of a new product series for embryo culture - the G5 Series™.

  • Launch of vitrification media RapidVit™ Blast and RapidWarm™ Blast.


  • Acquisition of Swemed Lab and the product portfolio was extended with micropipettes and oocyte retrieval needles.


  • Launch of the new product line GIII-Series™ PLUS, media from the GIII Series™ supplemented with human albumin (ready-to-use).


  • Launch of EmbryoGlue®, an implantation promoting medium.


  • Launch of GIII-series™, a new culture media series.


  • Beyond HSA – Recombinant media r-S1™/ r-S2™ was developed and launched.
  • The Vitrolife share was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange's O-list in conjunction with a new share issue of SEK 160 million.


  • First sequential media G-1™ and G-2™ was developed and launched.


  • Vitrolife was founded.

  • The first IVF-product, an ICSI medium, was initiated by Prof L Hamberger and Dr Svalander. Later on, it was also launched as the first commercial ICSI medium.