Our Mission

"Supporting customers to achieve successful treatment outcomes by providing valued solutions and services for assisted reproduction."

The mission statement describes a company's purpose. Our mission means for instance that more than 10 % of our turnover is reinvested in R&D. We have collaborations with leading researchers in IVF around the world and this knowledge coupled with our own expertise results in both totally new products as well as refinement of current products.

Our Vision

"To fulfil the dream of having a baby."

A vision statement describes the dreams and hopes for a company. It reminds us of what we are trying to build.

Our vision describes whats is most important for us -
to help people fulfil their dream of becoming parents.


Together. All the way

Our ambition is to create long-term and close collaborations with engaged customers. Working this way have generated success and good treatment outcomes. This concept, which also is our brand promise is what we call “Together. All the way”.

Our values

Our company values are a guide on how to act and make decisions in different situations. The aim is that all employees should have the values as a guideline in their daily work. Below you find the Vitrolife values and examples that describes what each value mean in the daily operations.

Quality that makes a difference 

"Vitrolife has the most extensive quality testing program within the field of IVF in order to assure that our products are effective and safe for clinical applications.

One good example of our efforts to guarantee the quality all the way to the patient is our unique and extremely sensitive embryo and sperm assays. Each single batch of raw material used in production, as well as our final products, are tested and evaluated by these stringent bio-assays. By these tests we also help the IVF clinics to be successful." 

Mark Larman, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)


Always forward

"Vitrolife believes in being proactive. We strive at improving as we go along by being curious, by learning, by solving problems and making use of opportunities. We are flexible and adapt promptly to new situations, learn and improve as we go along."

Fredrik Mattsson, Senior Vice President New Business & Strategic Development


You contribute to our success

"Our entire staff at Vitrolife strongly believes in taking personal responsibility in your successful outcomes. Therefore, we provide maximum value in every step of the IVF treatment cycle. We work across boundaries to ensure the best possible outcomes in treatment.

At Vitrolife we strongly believe that our customers' success is all of our responsibility. You can be confident that there is maximised value in every dollar spent."  

Maria Forss, Vice President Consumables



"At Vitrolife we have a very serious attitude to our tasks and roles and take genuine responsibility to fulfilling the expectations. Furthermore, we do this by optimising the output for the company as a whole and we do it in coordination and through collaboration with our colleagues."

Rickard Ericsson, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer (CSMO)