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Working together with us and the Vitrolife brand means having a partner that understands the overall challenges involved in running an IVF clinic. Learn more below or request a meeting. 

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Our aim is to help you run a first-rate IVF clinic that consistently delivers outstanding results. A competitive and profitable business with the best trained staff and the optimal solutions for patient needs.

This is how we can help you maximise your IVF clinic success. 

Increase number of patients

Attracting patients depend on many factors. Delivering high pregnancy rates is of course the most important. Many patients have become parents with the help of EmbryoGlue, a transfer medium proven to significantly increase take-home baby rate.

Several studies have shown that patients felt more involved in their treatment when seeing time-lapse images of their embryos at the day of transfer. This can become possible through the use of a time-lapse system. Regardless of your clinic size and need, we have the time-lapse solution for you.

We offer dedicated patient communication material helping you to explain the IVF Journey for your patients.

Secure access to the latest know-how and technologies

Our world is in constant change. Securing access to the latest know-how and technologies is a way to stay competitive. Our long history in this community, both as provider of innovative products and research has created a global network of experts, both internally and externally. When partnering with us you will get access to this network of experts.

Our dedicated support team can be of great advantage for you. They travel to all parts of the world and share experiences with the clinics but also within the team and with you.

Many or our support staff have lab manager experience and fully understand the challenges in the lab.

Ensure staff are well-trained

Competent and trained staff maximise efficiency and productivity. We can support your staff in using the best evidence based methods that are safe and efficient according to the latest knowledge in our field.

Get educated in the way that suits you best; workshops with combined theoretical and practical modules, global and local seminars or have a clinical expert come to your clinic for thorough hands-on training.

We also host live webinars on various topics that of course can be watched as recorded versions when convenient for you.


Maximise clinic efficiency

Efficient utilisation of resources is a key factor to become successful. At the same time it is important to be thorough and secure reliable results and reputation.

Our products are optimised to improve clinical outcomes and increase efficiency in every procedure. Developing a reliable standardised procedure is so much easier when based on a comprehensive range of components that are developed to work together.

Our industry leading quality testing result in consistent high quality of our products. This means minimised variability, maximised efficacy and smooth workflows for you.

Improve financial results

Helping people fulfil their dream of becoming parents must be one of the most rewarding jobs one can have. But at the end of the day it is also about running a business and secure financial results.

One of the challenges when running an IVF clinic is to find new revenue streams. Genetic testing and time-lapse are services that often is being charged for. Our solutions and tech support makes it possible for you to set up these procedures in an efficient way.

Our products can enable high success rates and optimised procedures. This will in turn make better use of your lab resources and in the end play a big role for the overall turnover of your clinic and the ability to increase patient numbers, thereby increase revenue.

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