Whistleblower function

Vitrolife Group strives to achieve a high level of business ethics and transparency. Our employees and business partners are an important source of insight for revealing possible serious irregularities that must be addressed.


Rapporter om överträdelse av denna kod kan göras anonymt och konfidentiellt genom vår externa partner för visselblåsarservice.

Alla meddelanden är krypterade för att säkerställa anonymiteten för den person som skickar ett meddelande.

Visselblåsarfunktionen administreras av den globala HR direktören och styrelsens ordförande.

Privacy notice for the whistle blower

A person expressing genuine suspicion or misgiving according to these guidelines will not be at risk of losing their job or suffering any form of sanctions or personal disadvantages as a result. It does not matter if the whistleblower is mistaken, provided that he/she is acting in good faith.

Subject to considerations of the privacy of those against whom allegations have been made, and any other issues of confidentiality, a whistleblower may be kept informed of the outcomes of the investigation into the allegations.

In cases of alleged criminal offences, the non-anonymous whistleblower will be informed that his/her identity may need to be disclosed during judicial proceedings.

Processing of personal data

The whistleblowing service may collect personal data on the person specified in a message, the person submitting the message (if not sent anonymously) and any third person involved, in order to investigate facts on the declared misdeeds and inappropriate actions eligible under Vitrolife Group’s Code of Conduct or internal rules. This processing is based on statutory obligations and the legitimate interest of the controller to prevent reputational risks and to promote an ethical business activity. The provided description and facts under this processing are only reserved to the competent and authorized persons who handles this information confidentially. You may exercise your rights of access, of rectification and of opposition, as well as of limited processing of your personal data in accordance with the local data protection legislation. These rights are subject to any overriding safeguarding measures required to prevent the destruction of evidence or other obstructions to the processing and investigation of the case. Data is stored within the EU. For any further questions or complaints please address your request to dataprotection@vitrolife.com

Deletion of data

Personal data included in a whistleblowing messages and investigation documentation is deleted when the investigation is complete, with the exception of when personal data must be maintained according to other applicable laws. Permanent deletion is carried out 30 days after completion of the investigation. Investigation documentation and whistleblower messages that are archived will be anonymised under the applicable laws; they will not include personal data through which persons can be directly or indirectly identified.

Personal data processor

WhistleB Whistleblowing Centre Ab (World Trade Centre, Klarabergsviadukten 70, SE-107 24 Stockholm) responsible for the whistleblowing application, including processing of encrypted data, such as whistleblowing messages. Neither WhistleB nor any sub-suppliers can decrypt and read messages.