A customer experience story about clinical customisation

Consitent results in more than two decades

With over 30 years of experience in IVF, Dr. Daniela Nogueira has witnessed the evolution of fertility treatments across the globe. Her professional journey spans three continents, touching countries like Belgium, France, the USA, India, and the UAE. Now, as the Honorary Scientific Director at Inovie Fertilité in France and the Global Laboratory Scientific Director at ART Fertility Clinics UAE, Dr. Nogueira knows the importance of customisation in clinical practices.


I first encountered Vitrolife media over 25 years ago when I was working in Brussels during the advent of blastocyst culture. Back then, we were partially producing our own media and partially using the first culture media at that time, B2 Menezo. However, Dr. David Gardner’s ground-breaking research in the 90s led to the development of the first commercial sequential media by Vitrolife Group.

What sets Vitrolife Group apart for me is their commitment to a scientifically sound approach in product development. In the past, when we produced our own media, troubleshooting was a constant issue, with inconsistencies between batches. However, since we switched to Vitrolife media, batch-to-batch consistency has become a non-issue, allowing us to focus on refining our processes. When I joined the french team about 15 years ago, they were already using Vitrolife media.

As an IVF lab director, my approach is to carefully observe and identify areas where process optimisation is possible. Having complete trust in the quality of Vitrolife media, I chose to retain it instead of adopting the approach of changing media. Instead, I focused on making improvements in other aspects of our workflow. Gradually, we saw significant enhancements in our results, evolving into a top clinic in France.

Over the years, I have tested numerous culture systems, and Vitrolife media has consistently proven to be superior in the respective working settings. Vitrolife Group has never let me down. In times of challenges, which inevitably arise, I have always received excellent support from the team of Vitrolife Group. My observations have been cared for with understanding and mutual concern.

In the early days of vitrification, when everyone was new to the technology, I decided to work with Vitrolife Group because I trusted the media and the company. It took us a year of practice and collaboration with the clinical support (Hubert Joris) to achieve the results we desired. Today, we boast some of the best clinical results in France on vitrified embryos.

In summary, my experience with Vitrolife media spans more than two decades. I can confidently say that their scientifically sound approach to product development, combined with their unwavering support, places them at the top of my list when choosing or advising on IVF products and media.

Daniela Nogueira PhD, Global Laboratory Scientific Director Art Fertility Clinics and Honorary Scientific Director Inovie Fertilité