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An optimal sperm preparation should result in a sufficient number of motile, morphologically normal spermatozoa with maintained viability. Vitrolife offers solutions to all the challenges of sperm preparation the embryologist meets. All the way from diagnosis to cryopreservation, all aiming to support the selection of high quality spermatozoa.



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The different procedures for sperm processing all have their challenges. Vitrolife has developed a series of products to support the steps from diagnosis to cryopreservation of spermatozoa, all aiming to support the selection of high quality spermatozoa.

• Diagnosis – Accurate measurement in assessment of choosing the appropriate treatments

• Preparation – Supporting the selection of spermatozoa with the best potential for successful fertilisation

Cryopreservation – Enabling high survival, combined with a maintained DNA integrity

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Expand your knowledge about sperm

Broaden your knowledge about sperm and their contribution to the oocyte by watching the two lectures by a leading authority in the field, Prof. Christopher Barratt from University of Dundee. He describes some of the latest research about sperm and oocyte interaction.

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Good fertilisation rates require high quality sperm

Proper selection of sperm is key to good results. A semen sample contains a mixture of functional and non-functional spermatozoa. Selection of functional sperm cells is required for the fertilisation procedure. To obtain a good fertilisation rate and resulting good quality embryos, the semen sample needs to be prepared so that the spermatozoa of highest quality can be obtained and used for fertilisation. This blog post discusses different alternatives for sperm selection.

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