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  • Do you know the different laser applications? Here are 4 ways to use your laser in the IVF lab.

    Having a laser system can help address a variety of cases in ART while optimising the workflow. It is, therefore, common today for embryology laboratories to have a laser system attached to the microscope at the ICSI workplace. Read this blog post where Dr Victoria Sanchez describes four ways to use your laser in the IVF lab.

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  • Octax Laser visual guide

    Octax lasers have a long history in IVF. Pioneering and extensive research in the mid-1990s resulted in the 1.48 μm Octax laser becoming the worldwide standard for all lasers used in IVF. A multitude of pre-clinical and clinical studies have proven the safety of Octax lasers. Download a short visual guide of Octax lasers to learn more.

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