Oocyte retrieval

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  • Pain experience during oocyte aspiration: comparison between a newly designed reduced needle and a standard needle

    A prospective, randomised study by Wikland et al. found that oocyte retrieval performed with the Sense needle resulted in a greater number of patients with less than expected vaginal bleeding compared to a conventional 17 G needle. Further findings were that the use of Sense also resulted in a significantly reduced overall pain experience – 19% lower compared to a conventional needle.

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  • Webinar: 'Optimization of oocyte collection: efficacy and safety'

    In this webinar William Ledger presents Optimization of oocyte collection: efficacy and safety.

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  • Benefits with local anaesthesia and conscious sedation during oocyte retrieval

    Prof. Wikland has been using local anaesthesia together with conscious sedation since he started performing oocyte retrievals in the 1980´s. In this movie he explains why using this method is beneficial for both clinician and patient and also how to perform the procedure.

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  • How to create optimal conditions during oocyte retrieval

    In this short movie Dr. Westlander, Medical Director at Fertilitetscentrum in Sweden shares his experiences in how to create optimal conditions during the oocyte retrieval procedure, both for the patient and the clinician.

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  • Three ways to optimise the egg collection procedure

    Egg collection is one of the most important steps in the IVF treatment and could also be one of the most difficult. An optimal egg collection should give the maximum amount of undamaged eggs, in a short period of time, with as little pain and anxiety as possible for the patient. In this blog post Dr. Göran Westlander shares his experience on how the egg collection procedure can be optimised. 

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  • Welcome inside our needle manufacturing

    Quality is the #1 value at Vitrolife and is totally integrated in our organisation. Our company was founded on the idea that high and consistent product quality improves the take-home baby rates for our customers. Watch this movie to see how we manufacture our high quality needles for oocyte retrieval and how this can benefit you.

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