Sperm preparation

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  • Semen analysis using the MicroCell

    This movie demonstrates the use of MicroCell for semen analysis. The MicroCell is a disposable counting chamber designed for accurate analysis of semen samples. Two or four samples can be assessed on each MicroCell.

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  • Sperm preparation with SpermGrad show positive effect on average telomere length, sperm motility and DNA fragmentation

    Yang Q, et al, found significant correlations between sperm telomere length and the quality of early embryonic development. Density gradient centrifugation using SpermGrad (Vitrolife) enrich for sperm with high mobility and low DNA fragmentation and is the preferred technique for selection of sperm with longer telomeres.

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  • Good fertilisation rates require high quality sperm

    Correct assessment of a semen sample is mandatory for diagnosis of infertility. During preliminary assessment as well as during potential later treatment, the appropriate selection procedure should result in a clean fraction of progressive motile functional sperm cells. This blog post discusses different alternatives for sperm selection.

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  • Expand your knowledge about sperm

    Expand your knowledge about sperm and their contribution to the oocyte by watching the two lectures by a leading authority in the field, Prof. Christopher Barratt from University of Dundee. 

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  • Laboratory impact on sperm quality in ART 

    Watch Dr. Sarah Martins da Silva from University of Dundee, UK, talk about laboratory impact on sperm quality in assisted reproduction and the importance of paying attention to details.