Vitrolife Academy


Vitrolife Academy provides global clinical support with external education, training and collaborations through a network of specialists and experts within the IVF field.

The Academy emphasises the complete product and procedural solutions provided by Vitrolife to IVF clinics to increase efficiency and achieve optimal results.

Support for you

Vitrolife Academy offers educational possibilities through many different opportunities:

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More than product knowledge

The Academy also offers insight on how our products meet the high expections on quality control and quality assurance:

  • Research behind the products
  • Selection of raw materials
  • Production and distribution
  • Testing, including our unique MEA
  • Instructions for use

Improve workflows in the lab

We strive to help IVF labs to work in the most optimal way to minimise stress on gametes and embryos. Special attention is given to the following topics:

  • Regulation of pH, temp and osmolality
  • Sterile working environments
  • Storage and handling of products
  • Incubation conditions
  • Optimised workflow

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