Workshops by Vitrolife Academy

Supporting IVF professionals to maximise success through increased theoretical and practical knowledge about embryo requirements and clinic workflows.

Academy GO workshop 

Are you looking to expand your knowledge of the principles of effective embryo culture and how to work in an optimised way to gain the best results for your patients? Then this is the workshop for you!

Academy GO

Academy PRO workshop

Are you interested in learning more about quality control and workflow optimisation with EmbryoScope time-lapse systems or maybe blastocyst culture, biopsy and vitrification? Follow the link and learn more about our two different workshop offers presented in Academy PRO.

Academy PRO

Academy FLEX workshop

This workshop offer individual clinics, groups or clinic chains the opportunity to select from certain topics from the Vitrolife Academy portfolio in order to design their own seminar or workshop, based on their specific clinical or educational needs. 

Academy FLEX

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Workshops by Vitrolife Academy offers a look at the scientific background to our products and their applicability in several areas. The format of our workshops is usually a combination of presentations given by Vitrolife staff and invited speakers as well as hands-on experience with our products.

To us, it is important to share quality not only in our products but also through education and support. We are dedicated to support our customers in improving their knowledge to increase clinical outcome and help couples fulfil the dream of having a baby.

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