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Popular educational material

Can a culture oil improve embryo development?

This blog post by Dmitry Nikiforov, analyzes data and facts characterizing OVOIL HEAVY and how it compliments classic OVOIL.

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PGT-A and mosaicism - the good, the bad and the ugly

Dr. Gary Harton is well known in the reproductive genetics field, where he has spent his entire career. In this blog post he will take you through the basics, the history, the advantages, the debates and what is yet to be determined when it comes to preimplantation genetic testing in assisted reproduction. 

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iDAScore® - the future of AI-based embryo evaluation

Are you interested in learning more about how artificial intelligence can be used in IVF? Read this blog post by Dr. Tine Qvistgaard Kajhøj where she takes you through the evolution of Vitrolife’s AI-based tools for IVF. 

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