The patient IVF journey

Are you a patient? Learn more about IVF and its different steps below.

Maximise your chances of IVF success

If you’re having trouble becoming pregnant, in vitro fertilisation (IVF) may be right for you. IVF is used to treat a range of fertility problems, including unexplained infertility.

An IVF cycle (round of treatment) involves several different steps that will help you increase the chances of becoming pregnant.

What is IVF?

About one in six couples have difficulty conceiving naturally.1-2 But there’s always hope. In vitro fertilisation, or just ‘IVF’, may be right for you.

Watch the video to learn more about the different steps in the IVF journey. 

Improving your chances

In the mid-1980s, the pregnancy rate after IVF treatment was on average approximately 15% and had the side effect of a high rate of twins and triplets. By the end of the 1990s, the corresponding figure increased to approximately 25-35% overall, although these chances vary with age and other patient factors.

The reasons behind this improvement are mainly due to refinement of the IVF method and the further development of the components used in IVF. The pregnancy rate largely depends on the group being treated. Age, diagnosis and the quality of embryos transferred are all important predictors of the chance of pregnancy.

We share your dream

Vitrolife was established in Sweden in 1994 when the field of assisted reproduction was still young. The possibility to help people become parents through assisted reproduction became a reality in the 1960s, following the development of IVF. The birth of Louise Brown in 1978 – the first baby born as a result of IVF – gave new hope to men and women suffering from infertility.

As IVF techniques developed the importance of individual components on IVF success began to be understood. Since then Vitrolife has manufactured and supplied these components to IVF clinics all over the world.

The Vitrolife’s Group’s vision is to fulfil the dream of having a healthy baby. Our products and services are available in more than 110 countries, through our own presence in 30 countries and a vast network of distributors for the rest of the world. We are on a mission to be the leading valued solution provider in reproductive health and to support customers with successful treatment outcomes. We have one purpose: to fulfil the dream of having a healthy baby.