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'Quality control and workflow optimisation with EmbryoScope time-lapse systems'

Course description: This workshop focuses on how the use of technology, particularly the EmbryoScope time-lapse systems, can help to optimise workflow, provide effective quality control measures and aim to improve clinical outcomes. Learn how Vitrolife’s commitment to quality ensures you have top quality products to maximise your IVF success.

Course objective: Learn about optimising your embryo culture system with the use of state of the art culture media, incubation and monitoring systems. Theoretical presentations by Vitrolife specialists will be complemented with hands-on sessions where you will get to try out the technology for yourself.

Target audience: Experienced embryologists and lab managers. Previous experience with EmbryoScope time-lapse system is preferred, but not essential.

Course content


Culture Media:
Past, Present & Future

Learn about the composition of embryo culture media and how it has evolved over the last few decades to assist embryo development in vitro.

Quality by Vitrolife

Insight into the different strategies of quality testing that Vitrolife applies to the raw materials, procedures as well as the final products.

Gathering meaningful data/evidence based medicine

The randomised controlled trial is considered to be the most optimal way to conduct a study. A look at the different criteria to perform a successful study and how to interpret results.

Log & Guard continuous monitoring system

Learn how the Log & Guard system can monitor, report and log the values of different variables in the IVF laboratory as well as other parts in the clinic.

Making the most of time-lapse:
what does the science tell us?

In this module, we will look at all benefits of the EmbryoScope time-lapse system and the complementary media products to optimise clinical workflow and outcome.

Dish loading for EmbryoScope time-lapse systems and CulturePro incubator

This module will focus on how to perform correct dish loading procedures in theory and practice for the EmbryoScope time-lapse systems and the CulturePro incubator.

EmbryoScope time-lapse systems and CulturePro

Learn about the benefits of different time-lapse systems and culture incubators by Vitrolife and the technology and science behind them.

Guided Annotation – high consistency and optimised workflow

The Guided Annotation tool is built on an AI-based technology. In this module, we will focus on the concepts of time-lapse and the nomenclature of morphokinetic variables and work with the Guided Annotation tool in theory and practice.

KIDScore models for
embryo evaluation

KIDScore models for day 3 and day 5 cultured embryos, have been developed to support embryo evaluation and improve objectivity in the selection process. In this module, we will explain the models and how to use them practically.

Additional EmbryoViewer software features

Learn how to set up the EmbryoViewer software to acquires data about patient embryos and culture from the EmbryoScope time-lapse system and to export the relevant data for analysis.

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