Service partners - VitroTemp Calibration

The VitroTemp probes need to be calibrated on a regular basis. Regulatory authorities recommend that you calibrate thermometers for IVF annually. We recommend you calibrate the thermometer at 35, 37 and 39°C in order to cover measurements at physiological temperature, as well as temperatures below and above this temperature.

Send the thermometer and the probe to a certified and accredited service partner for this calibration. Calibrate according to standard procedures for this type of probe.



Company: Nordtec Instrument AB
Contact person: Mrs. Maria Almestål
Tel: +46 31-7041088
Shipping Adress: Elof Lindälvs gata 13
SE-414 58 Gothenburg
Country: Sweden

North America

Company: Testo North America
Contact person: Mr. Andre Shikata
Tel: +1 862-354-5001
Shipping Adress: Testo North America
40 White Lake Road, Sparta, NJ 07871
Country: United States

South America

Company: GIMIM
Contact person: Mr. Raul Galvan
Tel: +52 55 5634 0402
Shipping Adress: Estudios Azteca MB Lt 23, No.14, Jardines Tecma, 08920 CDMX
Country: México


Company: Testo Australia
Contact person: Mr. Tommy Tai
Tel: +61 3 8202 8222 
Shipping Adress: Unit 11, 114-118 Merrindale Drive, VIC 3136 Croydon South
Country: Australia


Company: Testo SMI
Contact person: Mrs. Shu Ching Teng
Tel: +60 3 7932 5990
Shipping Adress: 100.3.017 & 100.3.019, 129 Offices, Block J, Jaya One, No 72A, Jalan Profesor Diraja Ungku Aziz, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Country: Malaysia

Middle East

Company: Testo ME
Contact person: Mr. Hosni Kaviledath
Tel: +97 14 341 1432
Shipping Adress: Belresheed building 2 Showroom 2,Nad Al Hamar
P.O. Box 60407, Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates