Collecting the eggs easily and successfully with Sense

If you’re having trouble becoming pregnant, in vitro fertilisation (IVF) may be right for you. IVF is used to treat a range of fertility problems. An IVF cycle involves several different steps that will help you increase the chances of becoming pregnant. One of the first steps is collecting the eggs in order to begin the treatment.  

Starting the treatment with you in focus

Egg collection may be an emotional and stressful experience for any woman going through IVF treatment. Your eggs will be collected through an ultrasound guided procedure where you may be sedated. A very thin needle is passed through the upper vaginal wall into the ovaries. Fluid, containing the eggs, is removed from each ovary under gentle suction.

Immediately after aspiration of the ovaries, the eggs are isolated from the fluid. The eggs are placed in a dish containing nutritious medium and then kept safely in an incubator. You may experience some cramps, feel a little sore or experience spotting (minor bleeding from the vagina).

Designed for you

A successful egg collection needs to be fast, precise and retrieve the maximal amount of undamaged eggs without complications. A retrieval needle, called Sense, gives you just that. 

Improved comfort

The unique design of Sense, with a thin tip and a larger needle body, provides ideal conditions for maximised control, precision, aspiration time and improved patient comfort during and after the procedure.1 All at the same time with the same needle.

Less bleeding and pain

According to two studies, egg collection with the Sense needle gives significantly less bleeding compared to a conventional needle.1,2 Using Sense also reduces the overall pain experience. With Sense, patients experience 19 % lower pain compared to egg collections using a conventional needle.1


Improve your egg collection with Sense

Ask your clinician to find out more about Sense and how it can help you improve your chances for a successful IVF treatment. 


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