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In the different sections you will find educational presentations, white papers, scentific summaries and much more to improve and deepen your knowledge in assisted reproduction.

Oocyte retrieval

Sperm handling


Ways to minimise stress to facilitate viable embryo development

In this lecture from ESHRE 2014, Prof David Gardner discusses different types of stresses to the human developing embryo and presents ways create environments and media that restrict the impact of such in vitro-induced stresses.

Vitrolife Labware - for improved culture conditions

Listen to Tony Winslöf presenting Vitrolife Labware, a series of products from Vitrolife created, dedicated and certified for use in IVF. Vitrolife Labware has been developed in close collaboration with IVF clinics with the aim of simplifying and improving daily work in the lab.


What do patients think about time-lapse and what is the real impact for them?

In this presentation Dr. Alison Campbell, Director of Embryology at CARE Fertility, UK, talks about what their patients think about time-lapse and what the real impact is for them.

Time-lapse for all patients in a UK government funded programme

In this presentation from ESHRE 2015, Dr. Steven Troup describes the 100% time-lapse strategy at the public Hewitt Fertility Centres in UK, where all patients can benefit from the use of time-lapse. 

Time-lapse culture triggers new requirements on embryo culture media

In this movie Dr. Christer Silversand explains why you should use specific embryo culture media for specific applications. He also describes the development of G-TL - the first embryo culture medium specifically designed for time-lapse culture.

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A guide to understanding time-lapse nomenclature

New assessment methods call for new assessment measures. Having a common nomenclature can form the basis for clearer communication of embryo assessment and evaluation. The nomenclature described in this blog post is what we have found to facilitate ease of agreement and understanding between time-lapse users.

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Using efficiencies from time-lapse technology to reduce the cost of IVF

In this presentation from ESHRE 2017, Dr. Cristina Hickman presents experiences from Boston Place Clinic in UK, an IVF clinic designed around time-lapse technology. Offering time-lapse to all patients has led to efficiencies in the laboratory processes that created opportunities for cost reduction over time. 

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Embryo transfer

EmbryoGlue - for improved take-home baby rate

Watch Laboratory Director Basak Balaban from American Hospital of Istanbul in Turkey explain how using EmbryoGlue for transfer can increase the chance to have a baby.

EmbryoGlue increases take-home baby rate

EmbryoGlue is used when transfering fertilised eggs back to the woman as the last step in an IVF treatment. EmbryoGlue has in several clinical studies been found to significantly increase pregnancy and take-home-baby rate.

How a physiologically based embryo transfer medium facilitates increased live birth rate

In a prospective randomised trial performed by Prof Bulent Urman and colleagues, more than 1200 patients we were able to show the beneficial effect of EmbryoGlue on implantation and pregnancy rates. Listen to him discussing the study in a presentation from ESHRE 2016.


Genetic testing

Time-lapse technology in a PGS world – is there room for both?

Time-lapse and PGS are two ways of selecting embryos for transfer and cryopreservation. In this presentation from ESHRE 2016, Prof. Simon Fishel from CARE Fertility will present how these methods can complement each other. 

Quality control

The value of quality control and quality assurance - it's in the details

In this presentation embryologist and former lab director Jaco Geyer from Vitrolife talks about the value of quality control and quality assessment in the IVF lab. 


Establishing a new fertility centre - investing in laboratory technology

Watch embryologist Katie Vaughan from Cambridge IVF in UK talking about their  purpose-built assisted reproduction unit. Learn about practical aspects, their investments in laboratory technology and the importance of choosing suppliers that shared their vision.