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From retrieval to transfer, you can help the egg and embryo develop by providing optimal culture conditions. After transfer, the embryo has to rely on mother’s receptivity and its own ability to implant. Using a hyaluronan-rich medium will promote a successful implantation. With EmbryoGlue, you can help Mother Nature and go the extra mile for your patients, helping them to bring a child home.

Developed exclusively for embryo transfer

EmbryoGlue is the only existing product with a proven implantation-enhancing effect1. EmbryoGlue has the basic composition of a rich blastocyst culture medium and contains a high concentration of hyaluronan and recombinant human albumin. It can be used for transfer of all embryo developmental stages, including blastocysts after assisted hatching, biopsy and cryopreservation.

1. Heymann et al. (2020) Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 9.

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Watch a movie of one of our embryologists preparing for embryo transfer with EmbryoGlue.

The proven effectiveness of EmbryoGlue
- How successful is EmbryoGlue?

Since the market introduction of EmbryoGlue in 2003, multiple studies have been published regarding its effectiveness.
Three reviews on the effect of hyaluronan in transfer media have been published by the Cochrane Library in 2010, 2014, and 2020.

The Cochrane Review in 2020 on “Hyaluronic acid in embryo transfer media for assisted reproductive technologies” by Heymann et al. concludes:

"Moderate‐quality evidence shows improved clinical pregnancy and live birth rates with the addition of hyaluronic acid as an adherence compound in embryo transfer media in ART"

The miscarriage rate was reduced in some studies but did not reach statistical significance in the total data set. The review includes a total of 26 randomized, prospective, controlled trials including a total of 6704 patients undergoing IVF/ICSI treatment. The embryo transfers were performed in either a transfer medium containing no or a low concentration of hyaluronan or EmbryoGlue with a high concentration of hyaluronan.

What is the clinical outcome of using EmbryoGlue?

The live birth rate increased from 33.3% to 40.2% with the use of EmbryoGlue. According to a number needed to treat (NNT) calculation, based on the Cochrane Review, one additional live birth was achieved for every 14 transfers. For a clinic with 700 cycles annually, this is one additional baby born per week, or a 20% increase in live births1.



The number needed to treat varies between patient groups, and the strongest benefit is seen in women ≥35 years of age and women with Previous Implantation Failures (PIF)3.

Webinar: 'Optimising transfer outcome with the use of EmbryoGlue'

In this webinar, Prof. David K Gardner guides you through the role of hyaluronan in biology and the benefits of using EmbryoGlue in preimplantation embryo culture and transfer.

This live webinar was held in June 2019.

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