Oocyte retrieval

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Around since the beginning, used worldwide

A successful follicle aspiration needs to be fast, precise and retrieve the maximal amount of undamaged oocytes without complications. It is a critical procedure involving a lot of anxiety for the patient, which also needs to be taken care of. 

Together with the pioneers in IVF, Vitrolife invented the transvaginal follicle aspiration needle with an ultrasound probe already in the 1980s. This technique has since then been used successfully worldwide.



A delicate procedure that requires gentle handling

The oocyte is the largest cell in the human body and is extremely vulnerable. Retrieving an oocyte exposes it to considerable stress, including transfer from the follicle, passage through the needle and tubing, and exposure to the laboratory environment.

It is also a critical procedure involving a lot of anxiety for the patient.

One way to support a successful outcome is to use a needle that enables a fast and precise procedure. This will minimise stress and ensure that the maximum number of intact oocytes can be retrieved.

Using a needle that causes minimal tissue damage will also lessen complications and patient discomfort.

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Hear Dr Westlander give his views about optimising oocyte retrieval

Dr Göran Westlander is the Medical Director at Fertilitetscentrum in Sweden. In this blog post he suggests three ways to optimise the oocyte retrieval procedure. 

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Webinar: 'Optimization of oocyte collection: efficacy and safety'

In this webinar William Ledger presents Optimization of oocyte collection: efficacy and safety.

This presentation was part of Vitrolife sessions at 4th IVF world wide online congress 2021.

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