Safe, controlled and efficient workflow

Safe since the start

Octax lasers have a long history in IVF. Pioneering and extensive research in the mid-1990s resulted in the 1.48 μm Octax laser becoming the worldwide standard for all lasers used in IVF. A multitude of pre-clinical and clinical studies have proven the safety of Octax lasers.

With tens of thousands of children born after laser treatment and with no adverse effects, you can be sure your gametes and embryos are safe during laser procedures performed using Octax lasers.

Embryo Biopsy by Vitrolife

- Be confident with a safe and efficient workflow.

Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) provides valuable information for selecting which embryo to transfer. While these procedures can improve the chances of successful treatment, they can also stress both the embryo and laboratory staff.

How to reduce stress and lighten the burden

The key to reducing stress is a standardised procedure with an efficient workflow that handles the embryo gently and maintains a safe and stable environment throughout.

We provide reliable IVF-certified products that support safe, smooth and standardised biopsy procedures, including handling and vitrification.

Enabling a safe, controlled and efficient procedure

Our handling media and oil provide a stable pH. Our unique dishes maintain the same temperature in and between dishes.

Our standardised and efficient vitrification protocols save time. The convenient patient identification on the dishes will add to a smooth workflow.

Controlled biopsy with Octax laser and imaging systems

More than 20 years ago, Octax LaserShot was setting the standard for the use of lasers in embryo biopsy and has since been part of more than 90 peer-reviewed publications. The increased demand for speed and automation lead to the development of the dynamic Octax NaviLase, which operates in your mode of choice, either statically or dynamically without any need for recalibration.

The high image quality in both systems provides a fast, accurate and controlled procedure. The modular systems of hardware and software tools maximise efficiency and ease of use.

Watch a movie about how a Swiss IVF clinic uses Octax NaviLase laser system

Lab Director and co-owner Dr. Oliver Sterthaus built a completely new IVF lab in with his colleagues. They decided to use the dynamic Octax NaviLase laser system for all laser procedures, for precision and improved workflow.

Precision pipettes

  • Smooth edges and parallel walls (for linear flow) minimise damage
  • 100% visual inspection
  • Quality guaranteed: non-toxic and MEA-tested


Protective media and oil

  • Maintain stable pH
  • Based on pharmaceutical grade components
  • Tested for function and efficacy
  • OVOIL protects embryo culture
  • LOT-to-LOT consistency

Dishes made for IVF

  • Absolute flat bottom ensures consistent temperature
  • Dedicated area for labels/barcodes aids patient control
  • Quality guaranteed: non-toxic and MEA-tested

Simple and successful vitrification

  • Rational, simple and fast protocol
  • Simplified workflow
  • Fast and effective handling steps save time
  • Closed system avoids contamination
  • Proven success

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