Octax Laser & imaging systems

Description Modular laser systems for all applications in IVF

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19310/0148M Octax LaserShot™ M
  • Octax LaserShot
  • Description: Octax LaserShot microsurgical Laser system, complying with European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.
  • Purpose: For used in all laser applications within IVF, including assisted hatching, blastomere, polar body, and trophectoderm biopsy and also blastocyst collapsing prior to vitrification.
19310/0146 Octax NaviLase™
  • Octax NaviLase
  • Description: Dynamic multipurpose laser system for A.R.T.
  • Purpose: For used in all laser applications within IVF, including assisted hatching, blastomere, polar body, and trophectoderm biopsy and also blastocyst collapsing prior to vitrification.
19310/0147 Octax NaviLase™ Upgrade
  • Upgrades and accessories
  • Description: Upgrade for existing Octax LaserShot™ system installed to modern inverted microscopes.
19310/4150 Octax Target Pointer
  • Upgrades and accessories
  • Description: Upgrade for Octax LaserShot™ and Octax NaviLase™ systems.
  • Disclaimer: Not for sale in US
19310/1148 Octax Double Foot switch
  • Upgrades and accessories
  • Description: For releasing the laser and for image capture.
  • Disclaimer: Not for sale in US
19310/0001 DELL Optiplex PC
  • Upgrades and accessories
  • Description: PC suitable for laser shot systems, incl. 22” full HD monitor.
19360/0001 Adaptive Electronic Condenser™
  • Adaptive Electronic Condenser
  • Description: Electronic condenser featuring relief and phase contrast, dark field, remote controlled by Octax EyeWare.
19311/2001 SyncBox™ “lenses”
  • SyncBox
  • Description: SyncBox for lenses, various microscopes.
  • Purpose: For automatic synchronization of Octax AEC and EyeWare with the objectives and magnifier selected by the user.
19311/2002 SyncBox™ “magnification
  • Octax SyncBox
  • Description: SyncBox magnification, IX73 only
  • Purpose: For automatic synchronization of Octax AEC and EyeWare with the objectives and magnifier selected by the user.
19340/0112 Octax cytoScreen™ IMSI flex, stand-alone
  • Octax cytoScreen
  • Description: Supports microscopes with glass heating stage.
  • Disclaimer: Not for sale in US
19340/0122 Octax cytoScreen™ IMSI flex, upgrade
  • Octax cytoScreen
  • Description: Upgrade of existing laser or Eyeware system
  • Disclaimer: Not for sale in US
19340/0067 Twin dish holder
  • Octax cytoScreen
  • Description: For safe transfer of the selected sperm from glass bottom to the ICSI dish.
  • Disclaimer: Not for sale in US
22055/0000 Vibration free platform
  • Antivibration equipment
  • Description: Compact aluminium platform for existing workplaces, 380 x 580 mm (W x L).
22047/0000 Vibration free table for micromanipulation
  • Antivibration equipment
  • Description: Vibration free table for micromanipulation, 120 x 70 x 10 cm (WxDxH).

Safe, efficient and easy to use

Modular laser systems for all applications in IVF


Octax is more than just a laser; it is a multipurpose platform for digital imaging, image analysis and advanced applications in assisted reproduction. The static Octax LaserShot and the dynamic Octax NaviLase provide excellent image quality and safe procedures. Both lasers are calibration free and no pilot laser is needed. They can be used for all laser applications within IVF, including:

  • Assisted hatching/assisted thinning
  • Trophectoderm, blastomere and polar body biopsy
  • Blastocyst collapsing
  • Sperm immobilisation
  • Sperm viability testing

Which laser is right for you?

Being modular and flexible, Octax adapts to your specific needs and preferences. Depending on your need we offer a dynamic laser - Octax NaviLase and a static laser - Octax LaserShot. Both offer the same outstanding image quality and a wide selection of additional components to compose the best option for your lab.

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Dynamic laser - Octax NaviLase

When using NaviLase, the embryo remains in place while the laser is directed to the chosen target site. You can make several shots along a straight or curved line.

Multi-pulse in a curved line (zona thinning)


Multi-pulse in a straight line (eg. opening zona for biopsy)

Dual or triple pulse cutting (for troph­ecto­derm biopsy)

Static laser - Octax LaserShot

When using Octax LaserShot, the laser target site is fixed and embryo is aligned with the laser target site.



Proven in more than 100 scientific publications

With tens of thousands of children born after laser treatment and with no adverse effects, you can be sure your gametes and embryos are safe during laser procedures performed using Octax lasers. Octax laser technology has been tried and tested in over 100 preclinical and clinical publications, which have shown zero adverse effects on oocytes, embryos or the children born after laser treatment.

  • No alterations of the cytoplasm. Histology on mouse oocytes after laser treatment. (Germond et al., 1995)
  • No thermal damage observed. SEM analysis of the zona pellucida after laser treatmentof mouse zygotes. (Rink et al., 1996)
  • No genetic, histological or anatomical effects. Transfer of mouse zygotes into foster mothers after laser treatment, immunohistochemical/anatomical analysis of the offspring, breeding for another two generations. (Germond et al., 1996)
  • No increase in chromosomal aberrations and congenital malformations. Follow-up study on 134 one-year-old children after laser-assisted hatching (LAH) as compared to controls without LAH. (Kanyo & Konc, 2003)


Download list of publications

Software known for its user friendliness

The core element for the laser and imaging systems is the Octax EyeWare software, which operates the laser, takes images and records videos. This multipurpose imaging and archiving software is designed to be highly intuitive, making it easy to learn and use. The navigation is logical and menus are clear and straightforward. All functions are easy to access, saving time and increasing safety. 

The software is based on an SQL server and can support installations ranging from a stand-alone imaging station to a multi-operational, multi-user networked system

flexible with multiple upgrading options


Octax EyeWare is unique in its seamless integration of additional software, with no need for multiple databases.

Octax polarAIDE for spindle and zona imaging and Octax cytoScreen for IMSI are available as additional software modules.

  • High-resolution live video display
  • Unlimited image snapshot gallery
  • Instant access to objective calibrations
  • Image and video capture and storage function
  • Multi-camera support
  • Biometric measurement tools
  • Multilingual GUI
  • Comparison option for up to four images at a time
  • Image zoom function

Octax laser components

Octax Eye USB2 digital video camera

  • Up to 30 fps depending on resolution
  • Complete with space saving 90 degree connector USB cable and device driver
  • 1.3 Mpix - 1280 x 1024 pixels, true color
  • 3.2 Mpix - 2048 x 1536 pixels, true color, high resolution camera with integrated hardware zoom function

Octax Target pointer

  • Octax TargetPointer, optional add-on for trophectoderm biopsy, indicates laser target through microscope eyepieces. 
  • For Olympus IX 50/70, IX 51/71/81, IX 53/73, Nikon TE2000 & Ti, Leica DMIRB, DMI 3000, Zeiss Axiovert 200 & Axio Observer

Octax Footswitch

  • Octax Footswitch for triggering the laser and taking snapshots to the EyeWare imaging & archival software.

Octax Adaptive Electronic Condenser

  • Easy change between contrast patterns via touch keys
  • Suitable for Hoffman Modulation Contrast, relief contrast, phase contrast, dark field and bright field. 
  • For Olympus IX 50/70, IX 51/71, IX 53/73, NIKON TE, Ti, Zeiss Axiovert 200, AxioObserver
  • Works either PC independent or as an integral part of the OCTAX EyeWareTM platform via PC

Octax cytoScreen 
stand alone/upgrade

  • For analysing sperm ultra-morphology prior to microinjection
  • For existing ICSI microscopes with or without heated glass stage
  • Hardware zoom for highest optical resolution
  • Electronic relief contrast & edge enhancement
  • No DIC, no oil immersion required
  • Based on the Octax EyeWare platform
  • Supported microscopes: Olympus IX50/70, IX51/71, IX53/73, NIKON TE, Ti, Zeiss Axiovert 100/200, AxioObserver
  • Stand alone includes Eye USB camera and EyeWare software

Octax SyncBox

  • Manual changes of the microscope lenses triggers Octax SyncBox to adjust the Octax Adaptive Electronic contrast, adjust the lens calibration and switch the EyeWare to customised mode. 
  • To be used with Olympus IX73
  • Octax SyncBox "lenses" links the objectives to the Octax Adaptive Electronic Condenser and Octax EyeWare imaging and archival software
  • Octax SyncBox "intermediate" links intermediate magnification (1.6x, 2x) to the Octax EyeWare imaging and archival software

How to secure precision and improve workflows in laser procedures 

Lab Director and co-owner Dr. Oliver Sterthaus at Fertisuisse in Switzerland built a completely new IVF clinic in 2014 with his colleagues. When setting up the new lab, convenience and workflow were important factors, and therefore they decided to use the dynamic Octax NaviLase laser system for all laser procedures.

Watch Dr. Oliver Sterthaus story here.

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Octax Laser & imaging systems


Technote_Octax laser blastocyst collapsing

Octax Laser & imaging systems


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Octax Laser & imaging systems


Technote Octax laser trophectoderm biopsy

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