SpermFreeze Solution™

Maintains DNA integrity and is free from egg yolk. Contains only chemically defined components.

Description Bicarbonate and MOPS buffered medium containing human serum albumin.

Purpose Media for cryopreservation of human sperm.

Application For use after equilibration at +20°C ± 5°C and ambient atmosphere.

Storage Store dark at +2 to +8°C.

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4 x 10 mL 

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Developed to maximise sperm survival

SpermFreeze Solution is developed to maximise sperm survival and maintain DNA integrity and function after cryopreservation.

SpermFreeze Solution is egg yolk-free and contains only chemically defined components, including glycerol as a cryoprotective agent. The product also contains cholesterol, which has been found to affect the development of acrosomal responsiveness and fertilising ability in vitro1. The product is ready-to-use.

REF: Cross. Biology of Reproduction July 1, 1998 vol. 59 no. 1 7-11

Sperm function maintained after cryopreservation

To ensure sperm function after cryopreservation, clinical data was obtained from 48 patients, including ICSI cases and patients receiving conventional IVF treatment1. The study was performed on sibling oocytes and fresh semen was used as a control.

The clinical data showed that sperm function was maintained after cryopreservation. There was no statistical difference between the performance of cryopreserved semen compared to fresh semen, see figure to the right.

REF: 1. M H Nasr-Esfahani. Isfahan Fertility and Infertility Center, Iran, 2010.

SpermFreeze Solution maintains DNA integrity

Several studies show a negative correlation between defective sperm chromatin structure and fertility, both in vivo1 and in vitro2 . To ascertain that SpermFreeze Solution maintains DNA integrity, semen samples from 22 patients were tested in a sperm chromatin structure assay after cryopreservation using SpermFreeze Solution.

The study confirmed that cryopreservation using Vitrolife's SpermFreeze Solution maintained DNA integrity3.

REF: 1. DP Evenson et al. Hum Rep 14, 1999, 2. DP Evenson and Jost LK. Methods Cell Sci 22, 2000, 3. M Bungum. Centre of Reproductive Medicine, Malmö University Hospital, Sweden, 2010.

Support Documents

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SpermFreeze Solution™

Package inserts


Package insert SpermFreeze Solution

Document and Ref: REF 21115, version 06

SpermFreeze Solution™

Short protocols


Sperm freezing when using cryovials

Document and Ref: REF 19023. Version 01. Date of issue 221201. This short protocol describes freezing of semen when using vials followed by gradient separation using and G-Series™ medium G-IVF™ PLUS and SpermGrad™.

SpermFreeze Solution™

Short protocols


Sperm freezing when using straws

Document and Ref: REF 19022. Version 01. Date of issue 221201. This short protocol describes freezing of semen when using straws followed by gradient separation using G-Series™ medium G-IVF™ PLUS and SpermGrad™.

SpermFreeze Solution™

Scientific summaries


SpermFreeze Solution™ studies show equal performance compared to egg yolk containing medium

Document and Ref: A study by Tekcan M, et al, shows that SpermFreeze Solution™ without egg yolk performs just as well as a yolk containing medium and is free from undefined substances.

SpermFreeze Solution™

Safety data sheets (SDS)


SDS SpermFreeze Solution

Document and Ref: Date Revised : 06/27/2023. Revision No : 3. Safety data sheet for SpermFreeze Solution

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