The Vitrolife Labware pipettes are specifically designed and certified for IVF, enabling a safe environment for your IVF procedures.

Application Ready to use.

Storage Store in room temperature.

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16201 Pasteur Pipette
  • Description: 1 mL, single-packed.
1/sleeve : 500/case
16202 Pasteur Pipette
  • Description: 3 mL, single-packed.
1/sleeve : 500/case
16203 Serological Pipette
  • Description: 1 mL, single-packed.
200/sleeve : 800/case
16204 Serological Pipette
  • Description: 2 mL, single-packed.
150/sleeve : 600/case
16205 Serological Pipette
  • Description: 5 mL, single-packed.
50/sleeve : 200/case
16206 Serological Pipette
  • Description: 10 mL, single-packed.
50/sleeve : 200/case

Create optimal culture conditions by understanding the importance of extensive quality testing

Plastic disposables are used throughout the IVF process, but only a small percentage of them are suitably tested. When insufficiently quality controlled, plastic disposables are contain components that are toxic to gametes and embryos. 

This phenomenon is called reprotoxicity and has a negative influence on the physiology and viability of human gametes and embryos.

Reprotoxicity can be however be minimised by using media and disposables that have been accurately tested. 

Watch this webinar to learn more about how you can create optimal culture conditions by understanding the importance of extensive quality testing and using an unbroken chain of quality products.  

Watch webinar

For a safe environment

Pasteur pipettes

Our plastic Pasteur pipettes have the safety and precision required for work in the IVF lab and you no longer need to wash and sterilise glass Pasteur pipettes. 

Serological pipettes

Our wide range of certified and quality tested serological pipettes makes a safe environment for gametes and embryos. 

• Sterility assurance level (irradiation)10-6

• USP Class VI tested polystyrene/polyethylene

• Non-pyrogenic at less than 0.25 endotoxin units/mL

• Quality standard – Medical Device EU Class IIa, Canada CMD/CAS

• MEA using multiple endpoints, including 1-cell, expanded blastocysts on day 5 ≥ 80% and cell count.

Why you should only use IVF certified plastics

There are at least 30 plastic items involved in every IVF procedure. If each of them reduce the embryo viability by 2%, the final viability at re-implantation is reduced by 44%. Download this white paper to learn about what to think about when using plastics in your IVF lab. 

Download white paper

Maintaining the correct temperature is a critical environmental factor for gametes and embryos and needs to be carefully monitored. 
- Jan Gunst, clinical embryologist, Belgium

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