RapidVit™ & RapidWarm™ Oocyte

Specialised media for oocyte vitrification.

Description MOPS buffered media containing cryoprotectants and human serum albumin.

Purpose For vitrification and warming of oocytes.

Application For use in sequence after equilibration at +37°C and ambient atmosphere.

Storage Store dark at +2 to +8°C.

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3 x 10 mL
  • Purpose: Media for vitrification of oocytes.
4 x 10 mL 
  • Purpose: Media for warming of vitrified oocytes.

The oocyte - a fragile cell

In recent years, oocyte vitrification has become a reliabe routine for donation, as well as for fertility preservation, for medical and nonmedical reasons.

However, successful vitrification of an oocyte remains challenging. Compared to an embryo, which can develop with only half of the cells intact after cryopreservation, this possibility does not exist for an oocyte. Sufficient equilibration of the large cell volume with cryoprotectants is therefore absolutely crucial for survival and viability of the oocyte.

Special media for a unique cell

RapidVit Oocyte is a specialised calcium-free media for oocyte vitrification. The media was developed after extensive research on the effects of cryoprotectants on oocytes and their intracellular calcium content.

Studies show that careful control of intra- and extracellular calcium has a significant impact on the success of cryopreservation and oocyte viability.1,2

High lot-to-lot consistency ensures high performance

Vitrolife’s tests go well beyond regulatory demands, using multiple endpoint assessment including blastocyst cell number, with narrow acceptance levels to ensure high performance and the best results for the customers.

Vitrolife has unique competence in testing, which is performed in-house to maintain full control with traceability of each released product.

Save time in every procedure

Working at 37 °C shortens vitrification time and minimises exposure to cryoprotectants. Using RapidVit Oocyte will save you time in every procedure. The graphs compare the maximum times needed to vitrify oocytes using different brands.

Smooth workflow

Simply move the oocyte in a few short steps. Less handling reduces stress for the oocyte. A straightforward method is easy to learn and more standardised.

Excellent viability

Survival rates >90 % show that Rapid-i Vitrification System performs equally well as other systems.



“When overseeing multiple labs, repeatability becomes really important. We need a product that all embryologists can use easily.

The big win with RapidVit/Warm Oocyte and the Rapid-i is that it is a repeatable system with straightforward protocols and this enables us to get consistently good results with all our embryologists.”

- Lindsey Zujovic, Group Director of Embryology, TFP


A complete system

Rapid-i Vitrification System is an aseptic and closed system. It offers a simple, safe and structured workflow. Rapid-i Kit is renowned for being easy to load. Oocytes are held in place by surface tension - no sticking to the device.



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Support Documents

Documents Language

RapidVit™ Oocyte

Package inserts


Package insert RapidVit Oocyte

Document and Ref: REF 26280, version 06

RapidWarm™ Oocyte

Package inserts


Package insert RapidWarm Oocyte

Document and Ref: REF 26281, version 07

RapidVit™ Oocyte

Safety data sheets (SDS)


SDS RapidVit Oocyte

Document and Ref: Date Revised : 06/27/2023. Revision No : 3. Safety data sheet for RapidVit Oocyte

RapidWarm™ Oocyte

Safety data sheets (SDS)


SDS RapidWarm Oocyte

Document and Ref: Date Revised : 06/27/2023. Revision No : 3. Safety data sheet for RapidWarm Oocyte

RapidVit™ & RapidWarm™ Oocyte

Short protocols


Rapid- i™ Vitrification of oocytes

Document and Ref: REF 19129. Version 03. Date of issue 220923. This short protocol describes how to vitrify and warm oocytes using Rapid-i™ vitrification system and RapidVit™/RapidWarm™ Oocyte.

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