Maximise success every step of the way

The 34th Annual Meeting of ESHRE is to be held in Barcelona, Spain 1-4 July 2018. We look forward to welcoming you to Vitrolife's booth at ESHRE where we will show you how working with us can help you maximise success every step of the way!

We provide what you need to secure improved results throughout the IVF journey.

Learn how at our booth or read more here.

Vitrolife Scientific Symposium: How to optimise the efficiency and outcomes of your IVF procedures

We are very pleased to invite you to our symposium at ESHRE, taking place Monday July 2, 14-15. 

  • Dr. Andrew Kan: Optimise the oocyte retrieval procedure for you and your patient
  • Prof. David Gardner: Protecting the embryo to ensure maximum developmental potential
  • Dr. Mandy Katz-Jaffe: Reduce your mosaic embryos by optimising your laboratory conditions

We look forward to seeing you there. 

Come see our products & solutions, designed to maximise your results 

Like in Geneva last year, we look forward to showing you our products & solutions to secure improved results throughout the IVF journey. 

You are more than welcome to stop by our booth in Barcelona - we are at booth number 249. See you there!  

Hands-on vitrification demonstrations in our booth 

Like last year, we will perform personal hands-on demonstrations of Rapid-i vitrification system and RapidVit & RapidWarm Omni vitrification media for all cell stages. 

Stop by our booth to sign up for a slot. 

Live embryo biopsy demonstrations in our booth 

We will also be demonstrating live embryo biopsies in our booth. Stop by during these timings: 

  • Monday 2 July, 9:30-10:00 & 13:30-14:00
  • Tuesday 3 July, 9:30-10:00 & 13:30-14:00
  • Wednesday 4 July, 9:30-10:00

You are very welcome to attend these demonstrations. We look forward to seeing you. 

Oocyte retrieval with the Sense needle

Optimise oocyte retrieval performance and improve patient comfort. Now with innovative echomarking for perfect control.

Come see and learn more about Sense in our booth. 

Optimise your oocyte retrieval procedure

Vitrolife and GE Healthcare are partnering to provide an industry leading solution for oocyte retrieval. Use Vitrolife needles with GE Healthcare’s VolusonTM ultrasound systems for extraordinary visibility and increased support during your oocyte collection.

Stop by our booth at ESHRE to experience these solutions for oocyte retrieval and to discuss with our experts within the field.

Win a present

Take your picture by the baby wall in our booth and upload it to Facebook using #Vitrolife.

We will draw one winner a day, Mon-Weds, during the conference. 

Optimise aspiration performance and improve patient comfort 

Come see and hear more about our new and improved Sense needle for oocyte retrieval. With innovative echo marking for perfect control.

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Implement time-lapse as standard of care to more patients

Come see and hear more about EmbryoScope+, a time-lapse incubator with high capacity and small footprint.

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The first culture medium specifically designed for time-lapse

Come hear more about G-TL, a medium in the G-Series designed to optimise the use of time-lapse technology, allowing truly undisturbed time-lapse culture.

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Explore the journey of IVF with Vitrolife

Maximise success every step of the way. We provide what you need to secure improved results throughout the IVF journey. 

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