EmbryoScope 8 time-lapse system

Purpose For embryo culture and evaluation

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16408 EmbryoScope 8 100V
  • Description: EmbryoScope 8 time-lapse incubator 100V
16409 EmbryoScope 8 230V
  • Description: EmbryoScope 8 time-lapse incubator 230V


EmbryoScope 8 is designed to meet the needs of smaller clinics who want to enjoy the same great benefits of the EmbryoScope+ family of time-lapse systems.

Expand your time-lapse possibilities

Optimise embryo development and evaluation with our new time-lapse system that builds on the same foundations as our EmbryoScope and EmbryoScope+, the world’s most used time-lapse system for IVF since 2009.

EmbryoScope 8 can simultaneously acquire time-lapse videos from 8 patients with up to 16 embryos each, making it ideal for smaller clinics who wish to offer time-lapse to more of their patients.
Patients are automatically registered in EmbryoScope 8 via barcode labelling and an overview of all patients by incubation day is immediately available. Data generated from EmbryoScope 8 can be analysed in the EmbryoViewer software, using time-lapse analysis of embryo development to improve evaluation.

Time-lapse as a standard of care

Whether you are looking to implement time-lapse in your clinic or expand your current usage, EmbryoScope 8 is the ideal solution.

EmbryoScope 8 offers:

  • Unique isolated loading chamber ensures that culture conditions are virtually unaltered when adding or removing patients.
  • Embryos are immediately in the perfect environment with virtually no recovery time.
  • Barcode labelling ensures traceability.
  • Single chamber design means low gas consumption, less time changing gas cylinders, and reduced time performing QC checks.


  • 16 embryos/dish, 15 culture dishes/incubator
  • Barcode labelling
  • Holds 16 embryos in 2 distinct loading areas
  • 2 x 180µl medium
  • 1.6 mL oil overlay
  • 4 flushing / rinsing wells
  • Individually numbered wells
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How can you benefit from time-lapse in IVF?

Dr. Markus Montag has written a white paper where he discusses the clinically proven results with time-lapse, as well as how time-lapse can improve the workflow in the lab and facilitate communication. 

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EmbryoScope+, making time-lapse standard of care

EmbryoScope+ is designed to meet the needs of clinics wishing to implement time-lapse as a standard of care to more of their patients.

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Advanced software for improved embryo evaluation

EmbryoViewer software makes it possible to implement time-lapse-based embryo analysis with Guided Annotation and KIDScore decision support tools.

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EmbryoScope Flex, ideal for mild stimulation & low responder patients

Expanding your possibilities to offer time-lapse as a standard of care to more patients.

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